Top 20 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

Top 20 Best Mountain Bike Shoes

If you ride a mountain bike and love mountain biking sports, then you need to wear the Best mountain bike shoes you can afford.

First of all, mountain biking is a demanding sport that uses a lot of muscles in your body. You need to take into consideration that without the proper equipment this sport might turn out to be dangerous. A proper bike and proper shoes are the most important when it comes to mountain biking. Also, it is key to change your athletic stance when you are going downhill or when you are cycling through rough terrain. This simply creates a frame that prevents you from getting injured when conquering those mountain trails.

As well as handling your bike stance and the bike, you also need to shift your weight back and forward as you move. The best mountain shoes don’t allow your feet to slip off the pedals and they help a lot when it comes to shifting your weight. When you are going uphill it is important to note that your weight should be shifted forwards and vice versa when you are going down. The wheels need a push from your weight in order to move up or down accordingly and the shoes we will review have that capability.

Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has numerous health and emotional benefits that might get you even more interested in it. It depends on how fast you are cycling, but mountain biking can burn a whole lot of calories. It is an excellent way to combine nature and physical activity. Furthermore, it makes you happier. Just being in nature and being exposed to sunlight is perfect for boosting your mood. As an addition to that, you are also biking and having a great time while hanging out with friends or your family.

Over time, mountain biking has proven itself to be one of the best sports to build muscle strength and endurance. Your lungs will thank you every day because biking can increase their capacity and make you much healthier. Also, the air from the mountains is not polluted and will be a great change to go and feel the thrills of the trails and tracks. For you to enjoy mountain biking you just need a good quality bike and some of the best mountain biking shoes.

Best Mountain Biking Shoes 2020

When it comes to looking for the best mountain biking shoes it is important to note that stability, power transfer and support should be considered. We have reviewed the best of the best when it comes to mountain biking shoes for flat pedals. If you want to get yourself a new pair of mountain biking shoes then don’t be shy and look into the options that we provide.

We have spent hours and hours searching for the best shoes for mountain biking so you won’t have to. Here you will find whatever you would like to know about the shoes that you might want to buy. So, without further ado, here are the best mountain biking shoes for this year.

1. Pearl iZUMi Men's Select Road V5 Cycling Shoe
mountain biking shoes for men 2020
The men’s version of these great mountain biking shoes is used by professional riders! It has high quality you will desire and enhanced efficiency. It’s made of nylon and amalgamated fiber plate so it gives the rider improved durability. These shoes minimize weight and maximize stiffness. These shoes cradle the shoe with unparalleled levels of anatomic support and pedaling efficiency. They have an ultra low stack height of just seven millimeters and that gives undisputed pedaling performance and power transfer.

Furthermore, these shoes have several additional features. Firstly, they have a Direct Vent mesh upper to allow air circulation and ventilation. Secondly, they have increased arch support to increase efficiency, support and stability. The Pearl Izumi Mountain bike shoes are what happens when you reinvent the mountain biking experience. They are designed to unleash the chains of your feet and put the entire power into the chains on the bike. They offer incredible arch support as well as power transfer when it comes to performance.

2. Pearl iZUMi Women’s W All-Road II Cycling Shoes
best women's mountain bike shoes

The Pearl is a great women’s biking shoe, and it’s made of synthetic material with a rubber sole. It fits great due to the anatomic style closure that matches the shape of the wearer’s foot. Plus it has great arch support, and concave shape with a low profile bottom. These shoes run a perfect size and no one will ever be dissatisfied with their purchase. These shoes have added Velcro straps to ensure that traction and comfort is achieved. They are extremely useful on the tracks and mountain biking will be better and safer with them.

They follow the anatomic footprints of your physique and they improve the mountain biking game by a long shot. They have added shoe tech to ensure hot spots elimination and to remove pressure from your instep. They are concavely shaped to enhance plate stiffness and add to that anatomical support.

The Pearl Izumi Women’s Mountain Biking shoes are great for any women that want to enjoy this fantastic sport. Add this piece of equipment to your biking outfit and feel how much more you will enjoy conquering the mountains. The shoes also have a low profile design to create an indoor lock and feel. Stop hesitating and get yourself these Pearl Izumi Women’s W All Road Cycling shoes.

3. Five Ten Men's Freerider MTB Bike Shoes
Best MTB Bike Shoe Review
Five Ten is a leader in performance and high friction shoes. Also referred as the Brand of the Brave, the Five Ten make some of the best mountain bike shoes on the planet. From all sorts of downhill mountain bike racing all to rock climbing, wing suit flying and kayaking, these shoes have it all. Made for the world’s most dangerous sports, the Five Ten Freeriders offer style along with perfect functionality. Their cutting edge designs have been making their famous proprietary Stealth rubber soles for 30 years. Furthermore, the world’s most exciting athletes joined forces to create their own brand of choice.

In addition, the Five Ten Freeriders have a specific, BMX styled look with a lace up vamp and a sticky outsole. If you feel that you should change clips for broad flat pedals then these shoes are perfect for you. They really do stick to the pedals and you will be surprised by the amount of control you have with the Freeriders. You may feel that the stealth rubber is all a marketing hype, but, in reality it is no joke. Go with the flow and stand out in your own way with the Five Ten Men’s Freerider Sneaker shoes.

4. Giro Rumble VR MTB Shoes
Giro Rumble VR MTB Shoes Review
The Giro Rumble VR MTB Shoes are a stylish sensation in mountain biking. They are casual SPD shoes that will not look ridiculous when you hop off your bike. Furthermore, they fit according to the manufacturer specs and are comfortable to wear. They are the only SPD shoes that look normal, feel normal, make you walk normally and are actually breathable. People will ask you where you got them without realizing they are actually mountain bike shoes.

They have a vibram rubber outsole to provide superior traction when used with flat pedals. Also, they are flexible enough to walk in. The molded SPD compatible shank has an optimized cleat sole for stiffness. In addition, the PrecisionFit last hugs the foot closely without discomfort or binding. The high quality mesh upper is breathable, water resistant and supple made for the best mountain shoes. If you ever need to run a few errands while on your bike, the Giro Rumble VR MTB shoes will never disappoint.

5. Giro Grynd Bike Shoes Mens
Giro Grynd Bike Shoes Mens Review
Prepare yourself for the incoming Gio Grynd Bike Shoes. The soles are made from stiff foam that is not like your typical mountain bike shoes. Certain areas have denser rubber that prevents premature wearing in those spots. The rubber near the clips is especially thick to give extra stiffness while pedaling. The Giro Grynds don’t flex easily and they take about a week in order to break in properly. Furthermore, the shoes come with screws and a plastic covering over the hole for your cleats.

In addition, the upper material is made of flexible synthetic materials which resemble normal running shoes more than cycling shoes. There is plenty of ventilation near the toes and on the sides which is key if you are willing to tighten them up. A nice touch is the reflective material at the heels and at the sides of the shoes. If you keep these shoes snug on your feet you will get a better power transfer than traditionally offered. Overall, these shoes will make you very happy. You can hop in all of your bikes without having to change shoes or pedals. They can even double as normal, daily shoes for your commute.

These shoes are very useful for bike messengers and delivery people due to their look and performance on the bike. Giro has made a quite attractive shoe while maintaining top notch performance. Finally, you can see for yourself if they work well with you and your equipment.

6. Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes for Men
best mountain biking shoes for men
The Giro men’s mountain biking shoes give super support to the feet with each pedal of the bike, and helps the rider have more steadiness and comfort. It is made of synthetic and nylon material with upper EVA and great breathability. The Carbide is a supple yet stable mountain biking shoes. It is one of the best mountain biking shoes and that is for a number of reasons. These shoes have the same levels of comfort, traction, precision and durability as Giro premium shoes. These shoes are going to become a classic when it comes to the mountain biking sport. The upper is made of supple synthetic leather and three wide straps that allow simple and precise adjustments.

The supportive EVA foot bed with Aegis Anti Microbial treatment enhances fit and comfort and kills germs as well. These anti microbial particles reduce the reproduction of germs and kill the smell they produce. A stout injected nylon helps to transfer the power from your foot to the pedal with incredible speed and power.

These shoes are a great choice for riders that want to inspire style and have a magnificent performance while on the tracks. They come at a modest price as well as offering a maximum level of traction, comfort and power transfer. The outsole of these shoes is constructed to deliver power to the pedals and still allow a comfortable level of flexibility. They are constructed in harmony with the upper and in harmony with the bike.

7. SHIMANO SH-RP1 Cycling Shoe
mountain biking shoes for men 2020

The Shimano men’s mountain biking shoes have a simplified shape to give the rider more power and speed, and its micro adjusting buckles and Velcro straps make it fit securely and comfortably. Plus, it has a fiberglass strengthened sole made of polyamide to give extra stability. These shoes have a micro adjustable buckle and not one, but two hook and loop straps. That is new when it comes to Shimano technology and these shoes deserve the spot as one of the best mountain biking shoes on the planet. Their sole is made of a fiberglass reinforced polyamide to give traction and power transfer. The feel of these shoes is simply amazing.

They are easy to wear and easy to clean. These shoes are best suited for beginners when it comes to the sport of mountain biking. They challenge the notions of what entry level mountain biking shoes should look like. These shoes offer an expert level performance while maintaining a relatively low price.

When it comes to high performance mountain biking shoes we all know that sturdy is better. That is not true in some cases and these shoes are there to prove it. An overly sturdy and strong shoe reduces flexibility and can perform badly when you need to get off the bike. That is why these shoes are great for beginners which need to get used to the sport. They promote a smoother and a more energy efficient upstroke when it comes to keeping you stronger and keeping you energized.

8. Louis Garneau Men's Tri X-Speed III Triathlon Cycling Shoes
Louis Garneau Men's Tri X-Speed III Triathlon Cycling Shoes
This Louis Garneau is special made for if you are doing your bike riding in a triathlon or similar contest. It has a special power flexing strap that goes from the arch of the foot to the outer foot tendons to help the heel stay in place more securely. It gives bike riders a firmer grip on the pedals too! These shoes are perfectly engineered to suit the summer strolls on the mountains. Wearing light socks with these shoes is a heavenly combination because you will never get hot spots inside the shoes.

Furthermore, these shoes have an excellent aesthetic appeal. They look good and they feel good on the feet as well. In addition, these shoes have a reinforced nylon outsole with a patented multi vent system. That means that as you cycle through the mountain, air will come in and out of the shoes to keep your feet dry and cool. They also have a reverse Velcro system to make for an adjustable fit to suit your feet as you like them to. Take your mountain biking game to the next level with these Louis Garneau shoes.

9. Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Compatible with Shimano SPD
best mtb shoes for men
The Venzo is another kind of professional mountain biking shoe that has a quick drying style of mesh and synthetic material in the uppers, along with a unique textile liner and a sock liner you can take out if desired. These Venzo shoes are the award winning performance mountain bike shoes. They are high quality and stable mountain biking shoes. They have a quick drying and breathable mesh upper which gives amazing comfort. In addition, these shoes are going to transform your bike into a lightning bolt.

They are so good at transferring power from your feet to your pedals that you might need to slow down. When you use your maximum push, these shoes will be at their maximum level as well. Furthermore, they might take a little while to break in, but trust us, it will all be worth it when you conquer the mountain trails. Their low cut construction is designed for an optimum fit and feel, and the forefoot is just out of this world. Enjoy yourself even more when you are on top of the mountains with these Venzo mountain biking shoes.

10. Giro Sante II Shoe for Women
best mtb shoes for women
The women’s version of the Giro shoe is another great choice for 2020. It is made of synthetic material, combined with a unique anti-microbial Aegis lining and a special hook and loop strap for easy on and off shoes. It makes your riding special and better than ever! Mountain biking isn’t necessarily about being faster than the person right next to you. Sometimes you just want to enjoy the rides at your own maximum potential.

These shoes allow you to do precisely that. You will enjoy your mountain biking experience a lot more when you get yourself these Giro shoes. Fun is guaranteed and an optimum fit as well. The upper of these shoes is made of a supple leather upper to ideally support long or short term rides. The shoes have three straps for an adjustable fit and for maximum enjoyment of all of your rides. They are precise and they allow a power transfer that will leave you with energy after miles and miles of cycling.

11. Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe
Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe Review
The Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling shoe provides cool looks and performance superiority. They offer five star quality and value. Furthermore, the Gavin Mountain MTBs are compatible with SPD, SPD-R, and SPD RL cleats. We don’t know if you have noticed, but mountain bike shoes can cost hundreds of dollars. If you aren’t willing to invest that much in mountain bike shoes, the Gavin Mountain MTBs will definitely do the trick. Furthermore, they provide almost the same level of eliteness as the more expensive shoes of the same category. They are light weight, have a rubber sole to enforce grip on the pedals and they look quite good.

In addition, it won’t matter if you are riding a hybrid bike because these shoes will adapt. They release tension and keep your level of fitness in check. Ventilation is superb and they won’t ever get hot. You will feel the difference these shoes provide. It will feel like you have better control over your pedals. We definitely recommend these shoes for their price and features. Try them out and see for yourself whether the Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling shoes are meant for you.

12. SHIMANO Men's XC Racing Mountain Bike Shoes
SHIMANO Men's XC Racing Mountain Bike Shoes Review
The Shimano Men’s XC Off Road Sport Cycling Shoes are most suited for new riders. Providing an optimum blend of comfort, durability and power transfer, these shoes open new doors for new riders. Furthermore, they give you a precise fit and improve pedaling efficiency. Due to their mud shedding polyurethane outsole lug, they are perfect for the times you need to get off the bike and walk in rigid terrain. In addition, the fiberglass reinforced nylon sole offers a rigid pedaling platform. The synthetic leather upper is supple and stretch resistant, as well as lighter from the previous series. In addition, the upper is now more durable and stronger than natural leather due to the latest Shimano technology advancements.

As well as that, three offset straps are securing the fit and eliminating pressure points in the meantime. You can go as hard as you can with these shoes and they won’t show a sign of any wear and tear. They are offered for a very good value and the sizing is as it should be. Super comfortable from the very beginning, the Shimano XC Road Sports are right on the money when it comes to one the best mountain bike shoes.

13. Mavic Alpine Mountain Bike Shoes
Mavic Alpine Mountain Bike Shoes Review
The Mavic Men’s Alpine Mountain Biking Shoes are great all year long and has a trail grip outer sole, and an EVVA mid sole and is made out of synthetic leather mixed with mesh. It has extra toe and foot protection with a normal cut style of sizing. These shoes are like sneakers but they are much stiffer. Their intended use is on the mountains along with you and your mountain bike. These shoes will be the most comfortable mountain bike shoes you own by a long shot.

They are comfortable and efficient and the sole is made of a sturdy material. You will notice that they are very functional as well. The power transfer is simply amazing and will be one of the primary factors that will force you to buy these shoes. Once you find the sweet spot to mount them and the cleats, they will feel like athletic shoes on a bike. But still, the functionality they offer is simply off the charts. Hike a bike is no longer a game and you will never be forced to tip toe on the tracks. These shoes will help you walk jog and run as well as ride the bike with ease and efficiency.

14. Diamondback Men's Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling Shoe
Shimano Men’s Entry Mountain Sport Cycling Shoes SH-M065L Review
Well built and heavy, the Diamondback Men’s Trace Clipless Pedal Compatible Cycling shoes are made for hard core cyclists. When you get them you will have a lot of good things to say about them. They are quite sturdy and have a solid platform to ride on as you connect to the pedal. They are not as comfortable as a hiking shoe but they don’t bind and that is precisely why they are so good. Even during breaks these shoes will be comfortable enough for your feet. Furthermore, the soles allow a good air flow and they are stiff in all of the right spots.

The Velcro strap closure pins your laces in place and they have reflective stitching. These shoes are not only great for mountain biking and touring, they are great for indoor cycling as well. They have a fiberglass reinforced outsole to offer great grip and compatibility whilst maintaining control. The Diamondback Men’s Trace Clipless Pedal Compatibles are the best mountain bike shoes you will ever own. Quit hesitating and grab yourself a pair of these shoes and enjoy your biking activities.

15. Pearl Izumi Men's X-Alp Enduro IV Cycling Shoe
Pearl Izumi Men's X-Alp Enduro IV Cycling Shoe Review
The X-ALP Enduro IV features an Anatomical Buckle Closure System. This particular system gives them the ability to reduce hot spots and remove pressure from your instep. They have a low cut construction to form a light, fast fit. As well as that, they are quick drying to the point that no other mountain shoes can compare. Their mesh upper delivers great breathability and comfort. On the other hand, the EVA foam midsole is present for off the bike activities. It provides superb cushioning and comfort.

Furthermore, the X-ALP Enduro IV is going to be everything that you can expect from a shoe. They are indeed incredible and stand up well against abrasion. They have a rigid sole for rides and they are not very uncomfortable when hiking. Traction is also achieved by these shoes. The traction is especially good when you have to dismount in order to climb over, under or through certain obstacles. Overall, these shoes are right on the point when it comes to pricing and performance.

16. Shimano Men’s SH-M162 Mountain biking shoes
mountain biking shoes for men
This men’s mountain biking shoe is made of synthetic leather, a supple mid-sole and shock absorbing EVA insoles cushions for steadiness. It’s also best for mountain trail riding! These shoes are a little bit snug when you put them on. But, after using them to cycle through 20 – 30 miles they will break in and offer you an unforgettable experience. They are super light and compact, which makes them a little bad for the winter.

Apart from that, you can use them for the remaining three seasons. These shoes are not waterproof but withstand a lot of wetness and rainy conditions. Furthermore, you will not be disappointed with the design as well. They are ultra stylish and the ratchet strap has a killer design to it. These shoes are solid and they hold well. In addition, they offer great traction when walking and dismounting the bike is relatively easy.

17. Shimano Men’s (SH-MT34B) Multi Use Touring Mountain Bike Shoes
Shimano Men’s (SH-MT34B) Multi Use Touring Mountain Bike Shoes Review
The Shimano Multi Use Touring Bike Shoes set the pace for all of the other mountain bike shoes today. They are designed with careful consideration of what the average and professional mountain bikers need. It won’t matter if you are hammering hills, ripping down, getting after rolling terrain or doing anything extreme. These shoes will hold up to the test. Performance wise, the Shimano Multi Use Touring Bike shoes will not disappoint. Furthermore, their sole is made from a fiberglass reinforced polyamide. Because of that, these shoes are flexible, comfortable and practical.

On the side note, the powerful stiffness of the shoe doesn’t make walking impossible. It also includes an EVA midsole that serves support and all day comfort. The Shimano Company made this shoe with lace keepers to ensure your strings will stay out of the drive terrain. Due to their stiffness they will give you solid power to transfer to the pedals. As well as that, they are flexible enough to walk normally in them. Even in the hot weather, these shoes provide a decent level of breathability and they are relatively light as well. See for yourself whether the Shimano Multi Use Touring Shoes are compatible with you and your pedals.

18. Scott Sports 2016 Men's Elite Boa Mountain Cycling Shoe
Scott Sports Men’s Elite Boa Mountain Cycling Shoe Review
Get ready for the Scott Sports Men’s Elite Boa Mountain Cycling Shoes. We can proudly say that these shoes can have the title of best mountain bike shoes. If you had trouble looking for race worthy mountain shoes that won’t send your bank account crying, well, you found them. Even though they feature top class touches like BOA closures and uppers, these shoes are well worth the price. These shoes trade out the carbon soles which are very expensive for the fiberglass reinforcement. Accordingly, that sacrifices a little bit of stiffness to save a heap of cash. The new supportive, yet fitting adjustments sky rocket the Scott Sports Elite Boa purchases.

In addition, they have a removable insole with a customizable arch for additional tweaks to the fit. A lugged rubber is in the underfoot for excellent grip during hike a bike situations. The threading for the two toe spikes provides options for additional traction and easier navigation. Muddy trails and steep inclines pose no problem for the Scott Sports Men’s Elite Boa Mountain Cycling Shoes. Also, walking in them is as comfortable as it can get when wearing a stiff bottomed shoe. Buying this shoe is mandatory for anyone who likes a rewarding bike ride. It doesn’t matter if you are biking just for fun or if you are a pro, these shoes are going to change your mountain biking game.

19. Shimano Men’s Entry Mountain Sport Cycling Shoes SH-M065L
Shimano Men’s Entry Mountain Sport Cycling Shoes SH-M065L Review
The Shimano Men’s Entry Mountain Cycling shoes make venturing into the mountains easy work. First time riding the trails is no problem. These shoes are manufactured so well that even the inexperienced can have it easy when venturing into an adventure. The durable rubber thread is there to offer excellent traction and walking comfort. As well as that, the fiberglass reinforced polyamide midsole bounces stiffness with compliance. These shoes make adventurous mountain biking fun and easy.

Furthermore, the flat sole is there for comfort and to provide a light weight feeling for mountain bikers.  Let’s not forget the dual hook and loop straps. They are there as well to provide comfort and support. The Shimano Men’s Entry Mountain Sport Cycling Shoes are great for their price. They give mountain bikers the opportunity to try out new things. Will you be the next in line to have them and live your own adventure?

20. SHIMANO Men's SH-R087 Road Bike Cycling Shoes
The Shimano has a synthetic mixed with mesh material and the uppers are made of synthetic leather. It offers security combined with comfort and works best on hard trail rides. If you want nice shoes from a dependable company that makes quality gear then these shoes are for you. These shoes will satisfy your needs in every way. The power transfer they offer is better than any pair of shoes that you have ever owned.

Cycling shoes and pedals allow you to more effectively pedal throughout the mountain trails and rocky roads. That is due to the ability to utilize power on the up swing on your leg’s rotation. They are affordable and well stitched, of course, from a very well respected company. Most of the reviews are positive and they compliment the style and functionality of these shoes. If you want a shoe that has definitely proven itself, then these shoes are for you.

All in all, mountain biking is very popular sport and wearing the proper shoes can make the difference between doing well and doing even better than ever! Choose one of these 10 top bike shoes and you are sure to do your very best that you have ever done before in mountain biking!

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