Organize Your Life: Improve Your Workouts

Organize Your Life: Improve Your Workouts

Exercise is very much a mental battle. My mantra of the week is a great reminder of this, and so today I wanted to share my biggest obstacle in getting my butt out the door and how to organize your life to improve your workouts.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll let any little thing get in the way of your workouts

My biggest difficulty is letting my other responsibilities get in the way of taking care of myself. For years I struggled with this, until I realized that my biggest obstacle was that I was letting myself put other things ahead of my workouts. Just like meal prepping, you have to do weekly life prepping in order to keep things from interfering with your workouts. When I was having trouble getting back into the swing of things, I decided to organize my life and it improved my workouts immensely. But where should you start?

Step One: Make A Plan

To be successful, you have to plan ahead. Get a planner. I absolutely love love love my Inkwell Press Planner, but you don’t necessarily need a paper planner if that’s not your thing. Plug your workouts into whatever form of planner you prefer. Once a week I sit down and write out all my plans (blog posts, meals, workouts, work schedule, etc.) And you know what? Some weeks I don’t even look at them again. But taking the time to write down everything important gets those things in the front of my mind and automatically makes them my priority. 

My Inkwell Press planner saves my life regularly

Step Two: Clean Up

For me, when Sunday comes along I know that it’s my day to get my house cleaning done. I’ve learned from experience that if I let it slide and don’t get my cleaning/laundry/organizing done on Sunday, it throws off my entire week and I have an insane amount of trouble staying on track. Keep your environment clean and it’ll keep your mind clear from distractions. By keeping your home organized and things orderly, you’ll cut back on reasons to skip your workouts, and you’ll be more productive in general.

Take a few minutes each day to straighten up your environment. And yes, I only included this picture because I want to show off my Gnome centerpiece.

Step Three: Organize Your Closet

This is so important it needed it’s own category. You HAVE to organize your closet, especially if you’re trying to do early morning workouts. Searching for things at 5am (or even 9am) is not an efficient way to start a workout. I often have a specific pair of pants or a tank top that I want to wear depending on what I’m going to do. If I can’t find those pants or tank top, I get annoyed and that throws off my entire workout. Have your workout clothes folded and put away, and be sure to organize them so they’re easily findable even if you’re groggy.

Top Shelf: Workout Tanks. Second Shelf: Workout pants (capri’s on the left, long pants on the right.) Third Shelf: T-Shirts. Bottle Shelf: Sweaters.

Step Four: Take Time Today To Make Tomorrow Easier

At the end of the day, think about what you want for tomorrow. Are you planning an early HIIT workout or a late night run? Do you have to work, grocery shop, run errands, or anything else? Do everything you can to make your life easier. Pack your gym bag, take ten minutes to pick up the clothes on the floor or put the dishes in the dish washer. Find your car keys. Do every little thing you can do the night before to make the following day more functional.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to buy fancy key holders. Go to Wal-Mart, but a $2 package of Command Hooks and put them near your front door. I did this almost a year ago and they’re still stuck just fine.

By taking the time to organize your life, you in turn will have a clearer head, less distractions, and fewer excuses for skipping out on your workout. It’s easy to say “I have to clean my house, I don’t have time to workout.” But by scheduling things out and planning ahead you give yourself less to worry about, more time to focus on you, and getting the most out of your life no matter how limited your free time is.

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