Omega VRT350 Juicer Review

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Omega masticating juicer

The Omega VRT350 is credited with being one of the best vertical juicers available for purchase on the market today. Unlike all the other juicers, this juicer was specifically designed to help consumers and businesses produce large quantities of juice while preserving all of the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes extracted from fruits, leafy greens, vegetables and wheat grass during the juicing process.

The Omega VRT Juicer is a compact vertical masticating juicer that is designed to juice vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and wheat grass efficiently and effectively. The Omega Vert promotes healthy living by producing nutritious juice. Consumers who use the Omega VRT have the added reassurance of knowing that the beneficial enzymes, vitamins and nutrients found in juice extracted from fruits, vegetables, wheat grass and leafy greens will not be destroyed during the process. Unlike other juicers, the Omega VRT Juicer operates at only 80 RPM. Consumers who use the Omega Vert juicer can store and preserve the extracted juice for up to 72 hours without losing any nutrients, vitamins or enzymes.

Omega VRT350 Vertical Low Speed JuicerThe Omega VRT350 is extremely durable and is equipped to juice all types of vegetables, wheat grass, leafy greens and fruits. The Omega Vert350hd is equipped with an automatic cleaning feature, which results in effortless juicing and easy cleaning. In addition, the durable screen is designed to extract large quantities of juice and works with both coarse and fine pulp.

The Omega Vert juicer is a high-capacity juicer that can be used at home to juice, vegetables, wheat grass, leafy greens and fruits. Consumers who have purchased this juicer have been impressed with the quantity of juice generated by this juicer. This juicer does not expel as much pulp with the juice that it extracts as other juicers do. In addition, consumers also have indicated that the juicer is very modern and looks great in any kitchen. The Omega VRT 350 juicer is extremely easy to assemble and clean. Additionally, consumers were also equally impressed with how quiet this masticating juicer is in comparison to other juicers on the market.

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  • Low speed 80 RPM masticating juicer with single auger.
  • Auto-cleaning design with individual spouts for juice and pulp.
  • Compact base with vertical design reduces footprint.
  • 10 years long warranty
  • Great for wheatgrass, fruits and leafy vegetables

To make juice; vegetables, fruits, leafy greens and wheat grass are fed directly into the vertical feed chute from the top of the Omega vrt350hd juicer. This juicer was designed with a longer chute, so consumers spend less time preparing fruits and vegetables and more time drinking their favorite juices. Even though the Omega Vert operates at a slower speed, owners are impressed with the quantity of juice that is extracted from vegetables and fruits. Consumers have noted that the amount of juice that is extracted from this juicer is far greater than any other juicers they have used. As the juice is extracted it flows right out of the side of this juicer from a clear spout into a glass or cup.

A few owners of this machine were not 100% satisfied with amount of juice the VRT350hd produces. One owner said they had better yields from their older centrifugal juicer. Another person stated it didn’t do a very good job on celery or leafy vegetables and it leaves a lot of pulp behind. These are the only complaints we found for this juicer.


The Omega VRT 350 juicer is credited with being one of the best masticating juicers on a market for a reason. In addition to producing and juice that is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, the Omega vrt350  juicer is a high-capacity juicer that extracts the maximum amount of juice with less pulp. More importantly, with its compact and sleek design, this juicer is perfect for both the home and businesses that make and sell juice to consumers each day. Both will find the Omega vrt350 easy to clean. In addition, with the self-cleaning screen, making juice is much easier with the Omega vrt350. This masticating juicer is highly recommended.

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