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Teenagers and Online Safety Tips

Most of you know that in addition to parenting three littles, I am a Middle School Teacher! When I first started teaching middle school, my principal and I sat down and created a mandatory class that all our 7th and 8th graders would take on technology, where we focused on safety! Of course, as a ….

Traveling Carry On (Why you should and How to do it!)

Packing for vacation is a stressful endeavor. What will you NEED? Will you find time to work out? Do you need something fancy or can you make due with only casual? What if it rains the whole time? Inevitably, all of these questions will lead to over packing. A large suitcase full to the brim ….

How to Get Things Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Have you ever woken up and wished you could go back to sleep?  Maybe you feel this way often.  How do you plunge through your routines even when you don’t feel like it? I am all about having routines, but I also believe that sometimes you just have to move around those routines in order ….

5 Winter Running Rules I Live By

Memphis was voted the #4 most dangerous city in America by Forbes Magazine. Comforting, right? Safety is something that I’ve learned to not take lightly and over this past year, I’ve developed 5 golden rules used to keep myself safe and running throughout the winter. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I have ….

Tips on Finding the Right Training Plan for You

Since starting this blog, I’ve had a downpour of texts, emails, and Facebook messages from people asking all types of running related questions. I get everything from recipes, to nutrition, to running, but by far, the one that is most commonly asked is on training plans. There are so many training plans floating around the ….

Best Gifts for ‘Healthifying’ your Kitchen

It’s hard to make healthy food when you don’t have the right tools to make it convenient. When you have the right tools, you are much more likely to set  yourself up for success.  My number one tip in getting healthy is to make getting healthy as convenient as possible!! You want cooking to be fast, ….

How To Organize Your Life – Marie Kondo

How do you clean your house? Do you tidy? Do you organize? Do you use totes and labels? Do you keep stuff because you “might” need it someday? I was sitting in a class at a conference this spring and started visiting with the woman sitting next to me. I cannot remember how we got ….

Organize Your Life: Improve Your Workouts

Exercise is very much a mental battle. My mantra of the week is a great reminder of this, and so today I wanted to share my biggest obstacle in getting my butt out the door and how to organize your life to improve your workouts. If you’re anything like me, you’ll let any little thing get ….

The Weighty Matter of Weight-based Compliments

Is it okay to compliment someone based on his/her weight, or can that be damaging? This has been on my mind a lot recently because I have been the recipient of such compliments.  After having my first baby, I quickly lost the weight I had gained during my pregnancy.  (I attribute this to genetics because ….