Best Speed Bags For Beginners

Best Speed Bags For Beginners

If you’re considering to buy a speed bag for your home gym, then keep reading as we help you find the right speed bag for you. Buying the best speed bag can be tricky because of all the many brands that almost look the same. You need to know the materials, constructions, and features of each brand so you can assess its value.

To avoid any guesswork, I’ll review five of the most popular brands in the market today. Whether you’re a serious boxer or an amateur, adding a speed bag in your gym will definitely increase the versatility of your workout. To get you started with your shopping, check the guide and reviews below.

Why Should I Use A Speed Bag In My Workout?

Incorporating a speed bag on your workout routine doesn’t only offer benefits for boxing alone, but it can also be beneficial for your general fitness. As you must have guessed, a speed bag is great in developing hand speed.

If you’re a novice, you may begin with a slow pace and increase your speed over time. You can tell that you’re having good progress if you can already make that classic speed bag sound.

Punching on a speed bag can also help develop strong stamina. With all the work you do in your chest, hands, and chest, you’ll eventually get a hard chiseled upper body. Also, this fitness device can help you improve endurance by letting you use too much energy longer.

If you’ll keep your feet moving as you punch, this bag can help you develop good footwork. You also get better hand-eye coordination as you get used to throwing punches in a fast-moving bag.

If you want to learn the basics of speed bag training, watch this video.

Should I Get A Large Or A Small Speed Bag?

The size of the bag may depend on your skill level and goals. If you’re a beginner, you may consider looking for larger speed bags. As you build more experience, you can decrease the size of your speed bag gradually. Larger bags are also recommended if you want to spend more effort and build stronger shoulders.

A smaller bag is difficult to hit because it moves faster. However, it can help achieve more hand speed and build more focus. For greater adaptability and variety, you can switch between small and large sizes.

What Should I Look For In A Speed Bag?

Durable Construction

Speed bags are usually made of three parts: shell, swivel, and bladder. The shell can be made of different materials, but if you aim for durability, look for premium leather. To prevent cracks, keep the leather cover dry; and if possible, apply conditioning cream. Bladders can also be made of various materials, such as latex, butyl rubber, or plastic.

For your best choice, choose latex bladders because they’re the fastest and softest. The swivel should be extra thick so it can hold the bag very well. If you want to prevent the bag from getting worn and frayed right away, look for welted or triple reinforced seams.

Precision Balance

For accurate rebounds, choose a well-balanced speed bag. While the swivel dictates the speed of the bag, the right balance will give a smooth and consistent rebound. A well-balanced bag will also make the rebound more predictable, which is a good thing because it can allow you to hit the bag accurately.


The swivel is usually sold separately, so it’s much preferred if the speed bag already includes a swivel. The swivel is the mid-portion of the setup, and it can be essential for bag movement. You need a swivel to hook the speed bag into the ceiling.

There three kinds of swivels: ball hook, the Deville swivel, and chain-link. A ball hook might give a fast reaction, but it can be noisy. For more give and rebound, look for the Deville swivel type. The chain-link may be more silent than the ball hook, but the attachment of the bag can be a challenge.


If you’re a prudent consumer, choose a speed bag that gives the best value at the lowest price possible. There are cheaper bags that offer almost the same quality and performance as the expensive ones. Before you buy anything, decide how much you’re willing to spend and the features that you need.

Best Speed Bags 2020

1. Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed Bag

best speed bag 2020

The Pro Impact Speed Bag is made of 100% top grade leather for durability. The triple reinforced and welted seams protect the bag from getting frayed after enduring a hard beating. The balanced pear shape design gives a smooth rebound for maximum fitness benefits.

What I love about the speed bag is its heavy duty latex bladder which outperforms other types of bladder. With the latex bladder, the speed bag moves fast, yet easy on your fists. The built-in loop allows you to hang it on the platform to get started right away.

  • Made of genuine leather for excellent quality and durability
  • Built extra sturdiness with welted and triple reinforced seams
  • Comes with a heavy duty latex bladder for optimum performance
  • Balanced for accurate rebounds
  • Responsive fast-action
  • Quite affordable


  • Won’t hold air for too long
  • A bit smaller than expected

2. Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag

best speed bag 2020

The Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag is made of leather for that elegant look and durable construction. The bag is lined with tough nylon to offer more duration. It offers about five sizes from mini to large to suit all skill levels.The accurate details of the bag offer a smooth response with every punch. You also get two bladders- one for immediate use and another for spare. Aside from various sizes, you also get to choose various colors.

  • Offers a wide range of sizes and colors
  • Well constructed with durable leather
  • Lined with nylon for more duration
  • Includes two bladders-one for use and one for spar
  • Gives consistent and smooth rebounds


  • A bit expensive as compared to similar models
  • It would have been perfect if it came with a swivel.

3. Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

best speed bag

The Title Boxing Gyro is made of precision Gyro Balanced to offer accurate rebound and fast recoiling. Over time, you can develop fast reflexes, improve your speed, and enhance hand-eye coordination. For durability, the speed bag is constructed of top grade leather shell.

To make sure that the bag doesn’t tear easily, the shell is designed with triple reinforced leather seams. Since this already comes with a butyl rubber pro bladder, all you need is a swivel to start hitting those fast punches.


  • The seams are triple reinforced for durability
  • Made of top-grade leather to last long
  • Built with precision Gyro-Balance for a good rebound
  • Holds up air pretty well
  • Inflates evenly and has no soft spot


  • It would have been better if it included a swivel.
  • The bladder may leak after several uses

4. Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag

Speed bag 2020

The Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag is made of durable leather to give a natural feel and to take any beating. The reinforced seams ensure more durability, so the bag won’t get damaged with a ton of punches. The extra thick swivel loops hold the bag securely when hanged.

This bag is available in small and medium which are all ideal for improving hand speed. It’s precision balanced to give smooth and accurate rebounds. A bladder is already included to get you started with your workout punches.

  • The seams are well made
  • Made of top grade leather for durability
  • Well balanced to give consistent rebounds
  • Recoils quickly for improved reflexes and coordination
  • Good price and quality


  • The bladder bursts easily.
  • The bag doesn’t hold air longer.​

5. Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

Speed bag 2020

The Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag is constructed of top-grade leather. To ensure durability, the bag is built with reinforced seams. The bag is well balanced to give good rebounds for maximum results.The rapid recoiling of this lightweight bag promises to help y improve your reflexes, speed, and hand-eye coordination. With the included bladder, you can get it inflated immediately to begin punching. A swivel mount is sold separately.

  • Made of durable leather to resist wear and tear
  • Seams are reinforced for durability.
  • The thick swivel loops are thick to secure the bag well.
  • Precision balanced to give consistent rebounds
  • A good price for its value


  • The bag doesn’t sustain pressure for very long.
  • A bit lopsided on the side when fully inflated

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