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wheat grass juicer

Wheatgrass is a wonderful plant with plenty of proven health benefits due to it being rich in useful nutrients. Having a glass of fresh wheatgrass drink everyday can help your body get nearly all its needed strength. The one little problem with wheatgrass, is only certain kind of juicers can extract the juice. Centrifugal juicers are out. It doesn’t matter how powerful they are, they can’t juice wheatgrass.

Whats is Wheatgrass Juicer

A wheatgrass juicer is very different than a typical juicer. Juicing an orange or other fruits is a completely different process. They require cones that you press the fruit against. The pressure that is applied then allows the juice to be released. This cannot be done with wheatgrass.

A wheatgrass juicer uses an auger, which is attached to the handle. As the handle is turned, the auger does the work by masticating the wheatgrass and that releases the liquid. The liquid is then pushed through a screen, or a sieve. The screen will keep most of the pulp from entering into the juice.

Wheatgrass juicers use an extreme amount of pressure in order to extract the juice from the grass. They can be manual or electric. Manual wheatgrass juicers need to be clamped to a table or countertop surface, this will help with the counter pressure that is exerted when making the juice.

Best Manual Wheatgrass Juicer 2020

1. Handy Pantry HJ Hurricane Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
best manual wheatgrass juicer 2020
This wheatgrass juicer may be a little on the expensive side but nevertheless, it’s cheaper than most stainless steel juicers out there so it’s value for money. With no plastic parts included in its manufacture, it’s made of heavy duty material that doesn’t rust yet it’s not difficult to handle so you can juice a considerable amount of wheatgrass in about 5 minutes.

The stainless steel is non toxic and rust proof, so it won’t contaminate your juice. The parts of this manual wheatgrass juicer can also be easily taken apart and reassembled. The juicer weighs just 6.8 pounds which is heavy enough to stay firm while you use it, but also light enough to make it portable.

It has a very high efficiency with great extraction and is very easy to clean either by hand or by using a dishwasher. It attaches to most counter-tops and is very light in weight. The best part yet? Five-year-warranty and 30-day full money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

Summing It Up: Highly recommended. Lots of great features, easy handling and cleaning and a long warranty. Read my full review on this wheat grass juicer here .

2. Lexen Manual Wheatgrass Juicer
In case you’re looking for a cheap juicer that can extract not only wheatgrass but also a wide variety of green leafy vegetables, then Lexen Manual Juicer may suit you. It’s not made completely of stainless steel, save for the clamp at the bottom, end cap and grinding plate but this is actually a pro of a wheatgrass juicer as it remains sturdy yet lightweight and easy to carry when traveling.

On the top of it, it’s very easy to clean with only 3 parts to wash and no internal screen to worry about. The only con you may have to worry about is the small size of the hopper, which leaves you needing to reload often and it can be a bit of a hassle especially with leafy vegetables.

Summing It Up: Recommended especially for the low price, but it comes only with 1 year warranty.

3. Miracle Exclusives Stainless Steel Manual Wheatgrass Juicer MJ445
best manual wheatgrass juicer

This is the most expensive wheat grass juicer we’ll list here although honestly, it’s very similar to Handy Pantry Hurricane. Made completely from stainless steel, it’s a high-quality juicer that can extract leafy vegetables and soft fruits.

It’s very sturdy and strong, but a con about it is that it takes some time to give results and a lot of turning the handle (and that’s heavy on its own so extra difficulty) which can make the process tiring for your arms. This is especially a downside if you like to juice large quantities or for multiple servings. Easy to clean as well so no worries on this part.

Summing It Up: Very similar to Hurricane but a little on the stronger side. Recommended on its own but Hurricane is a good alternative if you’re trying to save some cash.

Advantages of Manual Wheatgrass Juicer over Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

There are many benefits to manual wheatgrass juicers. Even though it requires you to do the work, I believe the benefits out weight the little manual labor that comes with it.

Price: Electric wheatgrass juicers can cost somewhere between $220 all the way up to over $1100. That’s not something everyone can afford. It’d be a shame to miss out on wheatgrass juice because of cost.

Manual juicers on the other hand, are much cheaper. The cheapest is the Weston Manual Wheatgrass Juicer at around $30 (though I wouldn’t recommend that one). It’s affordable enough just about everyone can own one.

Size: Electric wheatgrass juicers takes up a lot of room. Some more than others. The Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 for example, weights around 29lbs! It’s 19 inches long, and almost 13 inches tall. That thing is either going to take up most of your counter top space, or it’s not going to see the light of day again once you put it away.

Manual wheatgrass juicers on the other hand, are tiny. It’s perfect for a small kitchen. If you do a lot of traveling, it can easily fit in your luggage.

Durable: The stainless steel juicers are extremely solid. It will out live you. There is really nothing to break for the most part. The plastic juicers though, aren’t as strong.

Green: It requires less material to make, there are no electrical components, and it doesn’t use any electricity. All elbow grease. If you are environmentally conscious, this is a big plus.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass can do amazing things for your body and health. That’s why it’s called “nature’s great healer.” You may notice a “rush” after your drink wheatgrass for the first time, as if your body is being re-energized. This “rush” is wheatgrass working in your bloodstream to restore your good health.

Seven health benefits of wheatgrass:

  1. Wheatgrass is an energizer for mind and body. The vitality obtained from wheatgrass juice is remarkable. Two ounces of fresh juice, drunk immediately after juicing, equals three pounds of organic vegetables in vitamins and minerals, or the equivalent of two cups of coffee. You’ll feel refreshed and energized throughout the day.
  2. It’s nutritious. Wheatgrass juice contains 90 out of 102 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including vitamins A, B (niacin, riboflavin, thiamine), C, E and K, as well as choline, calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur, cobalt and zinc, not to mention twenty amino acids. It is a whole meal and a complete protein with about thirty enzymes and is approximately 70% crude chlorophyll.
    Humans can easily digest chlorophyll, and dark green plants are an excellent source of lutein, essential in eye health. While wheatgrass contains small amounts of B vitamins, the overall nutritional value does great things for your body. It’s rich in folic acid, which is important for women, especially women of childbearing age.
  3. Wheatgrass builds the blood. Because chlorophyll is nearly identical to the hemoglobin in red blood cells, wheatgrass juice has been proven to build red blood cells quickly after ingestion. It also speeds up blood circulation, cleanses the blood of wastes, lowers high blood pressure and stimulates healthy tissue cell growth.
  4. Wheatgrass cleanses the body, according to Dr. Ann Wigmore (THE WHEATGRASS BOOK) and Dr. Bernard Jensen (FOODS THAT HEAL). Wheatgrass juice will drain the lymph system, which carries away many toxins from body cells. When an imbalance exists–sore tendons and joints, degenerative disease, etc–there is a natural buildup of mucous in the lymph in that area.Wheatgrass juice will break down the mucous and allow it to drain. In addition, it supplies iron, which cleanses the blood and helps prevent anemia, especially in women. Note that pregnant or breastfeeding women shouldn’t use wheatgrass, but should get iron from supplements.
  5. It helps in weight control. The nutritional value of wheatgrass juice is so high that many people don’t feel those “cravings” that lead to overeating. This is a wonderful aid in weight control. Since it increases circulation, aids in metabolism, and helps blood sugar levels, it’s an effective way to keep your weight down. You’ll feel fuller faster, since digestion gets a boost.
  6. It may prevent osteoporosis. Wheatgrass is rich in vitamin K, which is essential in bone formation, and studies are being conducted on osteoporosis and a wheatgrass diet.
  7. Wheatgrass juice boosts the immune system. The chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice increases function of the heart, helps the vascular system, the uterus, the intestine and the lungs. Can all this prevent or cure cancer? While there are claims that wheatgrass can prevent cancer, and anecdotal evidence, no scientific study has linked a wheatgrass diet to a cure for cancer. Some experts in the raw food community note that animals who graze and ingest chlorophyll still develop cancer.

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