Author: Grace

I’m a 20 plus newlywed, nutrition student and aspiring writer, with a love for chocolate, oatmeal and exercise. I enjoy exercising and learning about nutrition and health, and I am currently training for my first half marathon.

Muscles When Using Rowing Machine

The Rowing machine is exactly as its name suggests, a machine that imitates the workout provided while rowing a boat in water. The Rowing machine has become rather popular in today’s fitness regimes because it is simple enough to understand but still a hard and very efficient exercise. But to better understand the workout it ….

Maintain Proper Weight Through Diet or Exercise?

As Americans get fatter with each passing decade,  the question remains, which is more effective to maintain proper weight, diet or exercise? Some will say you HAVE to exercise in order to lose or maintain weight…others will say diet is more important, the old “calories in versus calories out” theory. So which seems to make ….

Looking for best video monitor?

Baby video monitors are great so you can see your baby if you wake up at night and you can know they are alright without having to leave the comfort of your bed. Nowadays, you have a choice of two options for the best baby video monitor. Wi Fi Video Camera Vs Traditional Baby Video ….

Teenagers and Online Safety Tips

Most of you know that in addition to parenting three littles, I am a Middle School Teacher! When I first started teaching middle school, my principal and I sat down and created a mandatory class that all our 7th and 8th graders would take on technology, where we focused on safety! Of course, as a ….

Traveling Carry On (Why you should and How to do it!)

Packing for vacation is a stressful endeavor. What will you NEED? Will you find time to work out? Do you need something fancy or can you make due with only casual? What if it rains the whole time? Inevitably, all of these questions will lead to over packing. A large suitcase full to the brim ….

How to Get Things Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Have you ever woken up and wished you could go back to sleep?  Maybe you feel this way often.  How do you plunge through your routines even when you don’t feel like it? I am all about having routines, but I also believe that sometimes you just have to move around those routines in order ….

Top 10 Sources of Plant Based Protein

Plant based protein can be hard to come by. It is an essential element for the proper function of a healthy body. Not only that, but it can be found in plentiful amounts from plant based sources. Protein is pretty powerful. It boasts benefits to virtually every single part of your body. Every single cell ….

How I Work Out

Hey guys! Long time no talk. I’ve been caught up in school and living life where I haven’t had the time nor motivation to blog. But here’s an update! Everything is well, I have my up and down days, I’m a normal human bring, blah blah blah. Nothing new there. 😉 My outlet and world ….

3 Reasons to Put Down the Running Shoes and Pick Up the Weights

I know many women hear the word “weights” and automatically think of an overly built-up, macho woman who could crush a walnut with her massive quads. They think that lifting weights will make them “look like a man” and they will lose their feminine curves. I get it – I do. That was actually my ….

5 Nutrition No Nos for Teens to Avoid

When I was a teenager, I know I did not have the best diet.  I drank tons of Mt. Dew, ate fast food, and was a bit of a junk food vegetarian. These are habits that make me cringe as a registered dietitian and as a mom of future teenagers.  But now I have the ….