8 Effective Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

8 Effective Fruit and Vegetable Recipes

Fruits are naturally sweet. Hence, when only fruits are used to make juices, they are quite tasty and drinkable. However, due to their high fructose content, they are not always healthy. Hence, many people resort to making juices out of vegetables only. While highly nutritious, these juices don’t taste good by themselves. Hence, many adults and children alike don’t enjoy only a vegetable juice. This is the reason why many juices contain a healthy mixture of fruits and vegetables.

If you’re also looking to quench your taste with some tasty, yet healthy juicy combos, then you need to ensure that you combine the right ingredients together. Here are some fruit and vegetable juice recipes to get you started.

#1-The Cabbage Juice Recipe

This juice has a healthy mix of nutritious veggies. This juice helps in enhancing the immune system as well eyes, and skin. This juice is a great option if you’re looking to prevent cataract, stroke or macular degeneration. The carrots in this juice sweeten this mixture. However, in spite of this, it has a strong taste. If you haven’t gotten used to a strong taste of juices yet, then you may want to start with another lighter juice.

To make this juice, you’ll need half, medium-sized head of a cabbage, half handful of parsley, and about four medium sized carrots. Mix all these ingredients in the blender and serve cold with ice.

#2-The Immunity Juice

The ingredients of this juice enhance your immunity in terms of indigestion, constipation, a broken down libido, poor blood circulation, and bad cholesterol. A mixture of veggies except for one base fruit, this juice is a great immunity booster.

To make this juice, you’ll need three medium-sized carrots, two garlic cloves, one medium-sized apple, a handful of parsley, and about two and a half inches of ginger. Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. Pour it in a tall glass and serve chilled.

#3-The Berry Healthy Juice

This juice is filled with flavors and amazing benefits. This juice recipe is great for people who would like to recover from a fever or a cold. The ingredients in this juice will help you reduce inflammation, high blood pressure, and also help in preventing osteoporosis.

To make this health drink, you’ll need one cup of blackberries, one kiwi, one medium-sized pear, about twenty leaves or a handful of peppermint, and one-quarter pineapple. The pineapple needs to be peeled and cored before you put it in the juicer. Add the remaining ingredients together, and mix until smooth.

#4-The Amazing Fruity Burst

This sweet and sour recipe will certainly keep you asking for more. A perfect hangover cure, this juice recipe is also helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. The ingredients make this an extremely tasty elixir and have some great health benefits at the same time. This recipe requires you to use a juicer.

To make this juice, you’ll need one big red delicious apple, one medium-sized grapefruit, and two medium-sized peaches. Juice all the ingredients together, and enjoy this appetizing drink whenever you like.

#5-The Onion Delight

The name is a huge giveaway, and no, this is not a joke. This recipe will make a very spicy juice, and will not be appreciated by all. It has a very distinctive taste and the taste needs to be acquired. However, this juice is definitely a must for people who are looking
to improve their complexion. People suffering from dry skin or acne will also benefit from this juice. It will also help in preventing stroke and slowing down of macular degeneration. Overall, an entirely new flavor, this juice is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

To make this unusual concoction, you’ll need half of a medium-sized onion, a handful of parsley, and about four medium-sized carrots. Blend everything together properly, and gulp it down!

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#6-The Refreshing Tropical Delight

This tropical delight will take you back to your vacation-mode. It’s a great way to lower your anxiety and blood pressure as well. It also works as a preventive measure for a host of cancers like stomach, lung, breast and colon. Relive your holiday through this sunny and refreshing juice.

To make this tropical wonder, you’ll need one medium coconut, two big oranges, and two medium-sized peaches. Remove the meat of the coconut and add it in the juicer. If you wish, you can also add coconut water for an additional ‘coconutty’ taste. Next, add the
oranges and peaches. Juice all of them together until a nice consistency is formed. Serve it cold!

#7-The Perfect Morning Booster

An ideal way to start your morning is by consuming a healthy and nutritious juice. What’s more is that this juice also doubles up as an immediate hangover cure. So, if you’re sure of a rough and fun night ahead of you, keep this juice ready for the next morning. If you’ve been feeling bloated, then this is the perfect recipe to ease your discomfort. Not only that, it will also help in enhancing your immune system, heart, eye and skin.

To make this juice, you’ll need one big grapefruit, three large carrots, and three medium-sized radishes. It may not sound very delicious, but, this juice is definitely worth a try. If you’re planning to store it, then ensure that you keep it in an airtight container.
Before serving, give it a good shake to combine all the ingredients together.

#8-The ‘Ginger’ly Effect

This juice is a great way to give you a boost in the middle of the day. It also serves as a preventative measure for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Anyone suffering from asthma or high levels of blood pressure or cholesterol will also benefit by drinking this tangy, yet healthy juice.

To make this juice, you’ll need about two inches of ginger, and one medium-sized lime. Ensure that the lime is peeled. You’ll also need to add one cucumber, two big stalks of celery, and three medium-sized apples. Mix all the ingredients together to form a smooth paste. If you’d like to make it thinner, you can also add a little bit of water. There’s an option of straining this juice, but, all the nutrients may be lost. So, if you’re able to drink it as is, it’d be your best bet.

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