7 Tips for Losing Weight with Green Smoothies

7 Tips for Losing Weight with Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a perfect food for fat burning. They are packed with fiber, low in fat and very nutrient rich. Before you go and start making your miracle green smoothie, peruse over these tips first.

Tip 1 – Just a small amount of healthy fat is great. A tablespoon of flaxseed, chia seeds, some avocado or some coconut. Health-based fats are actually good for you. These are the kinds of fat that won’t make you fat. Make sure you moderate the amount however, as too much fat equals too many calories.

Tip 2 – Begin with water or plant milks (almond, hemp, coconut, cashew milk) because they are all low in fat and calories. It might seem easier or tempting to use milk or yogurt, but I wouldn’t recommend it for great smoothies.

Tip 3 – Fruit. Bananas, grapes, mangoes and other fruits can make very healthy appearances in green smoothies. These fruits will do a great job of sweetening. You might run into trouble once you begin adding maple syrup, agave or honey.

Tip 4 – Protein Powder! Great plant-based protein powders work great in smoothies. This helps you feel fuller and obviously turns the green smoothie into an excellent source of protein.

Tip 5 – Go ahead and make it a meal. Green smoothies can surprisingly be very effective meal replacements. Replace one meal a day and you will see your calorie intake drop. Particularly with protein powder, but even without it, green smoothies can leave you feeling perfectly full.

Tip 6 – Only go with fresh, whole foods. The sentence says it all. Fruits, vegetables, dark leafy greens are all stuffed with fiber, micro nutrients that do wonders for you metabolism and are all naturally water rich. Here’s a suggestion: buy in bulk and put the unused fruits, veggies, etc. inside of the freezer to use later.

Tip 7 – Don’t make green smoothies the primary game plan for weight loss. These smoothies can help you lose weight, but let’s be honest with ourselves, a change in diet and overall lifestyle will provide the best results. Lastly, green smoothies will undoubtedly produce great results for anyone regularly drinking them, but making them a part of a balanced will maximize your efforts.

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