5 Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

5 Tips to Save Time in the Kitchen

Real Food can be quite the undertaking. In fact, my husband and I soaked a huge batch of white beans in whey over night and we are boiling them now in our huge stock pot! This process alone can take up to one full day – which is a lot more time-consuming that just popping open a can of beans and pouring it into a hot pan.

And sometimes, you feel like you spend all your free-time in the kitchen! But it’s nice to kick back with a movie and your sweetie or go on a walk or generally just take some time for you. So, here are a few tips I have learned over the past few years that have helped me save time in the kitchen, so I can get out and do more things that I enjoy!

I hope these tips will help you too!

5 Kitchen Time Saving Tips

1. Wash dishes as you go.

For most of my teenage years, I worked in the food industry. I worked as a hostess, waitress, and kitchen chef and prep. I learned that if you clean as you go, the kitchen is a lot less of a monstrosity to deal with after you prepare and eat your food.

If you are done with a pan, quickly wash that and any spoons, measuring utensils, and other odds and ends that you are done with. This not only clears up more counter space, but you also have gotten some of you dishes done – which means less to do later. Washing as you go has saved me a TON of time in the kitchen!

2. Cook in bulk.

I never liked the idea of cooking much in bulk…but it’s true, it saves time and money! Buying in bulk can stretch your dollar easily, then preparing in bulk saves you a ton of time.

For example, the beans my husband and I are cooking today. We got out our big stock pot and began cooking a huge amount of beans! This will last us months after we strain them and put them into baggies into the freezer. This also holds true for making two meals at once and freezing one to have later, making double batches of soup and freezing the other half, making a big batch of rice to use throughout the week, etc.

3. Research quality food products.

This part might take some time in the beginning, but being able to buy good quality pre-made food that will save you time in the kitchen when you are in a pinch is incredibly helpful! For example, find good quality snacks that will nourish your body and save you time – this will help in more ways than one.

Find good quality organic brown rice pasta, easy to pick-up fermented sauerkraut, or easy, delicious desserts! If you are in a bind, you’ll be able to stop at the store to pick-up something like these nourishing foods rather than the drive-thru or boxed pizza.

4. Meal Plan.

Meal planning does take a little time upfront, but it will save you time at the food store and when preparing foods. You will know what you are making each night of the week without the dreaded 5 o’clock cabinet search figuring out a meal.

Meal planning allows you to make one shopping trip to the food store (picking up everything you need at once), and finishing up leftovers so things do not go bad or get wasted will give you the forethought on how to quickly make the meal at hand.

5. Utilize online resources.

Leveraging blogs and online resources saves you time! YouTube videos, reading eBooks, finding blogs that showcase how-tos and easy recipes – education is power in the kitchen!

It’s all about journey in the kitchen, you won’t know everything at once but you will pick up little tips and tricks along the ways until you are a seasoned kitchen pro!

What are some of your kitchen time-saving tips?

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