5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

5 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

I’ve been out in the Minneapolis area for the past week for work and you guys…I’m pretty freaking’ impressed with how healthy I’ve been able to be.

Normally when I travel I use it as an excuse to eat whatever I want and skip workouts but for this trip I really wanted to do my best to not completely fall off the rails. It hasn’t been easy- but sitting here not feeling like I gained 9837934 pounds has made it all worth it!

So for a quick post before heading home to San Diego tonight I just wanted to share a few tips for staying healthy while traveling.

1. Take advantage of “first class free” or “first week free” promotions  at local gyms/ studios

I pay a ton of money for my yoga membership back home in San Diego so the last thing I want to do while traveling is pay more money just to work out. Noooope. For this trip to Minnesota I took advantage of the fact that Organgetheory Fitness is a franchise and got a free class and also scored a free class at Pure Barre! Not only did I save a ton of money but I also got to do some workouts I don’t normally do while I’m home in San Diego…win/win!

I’m honestly still sore from taking this class almost a week ago! If you have an Orangetheory Fitness in your area I highly recommend trying your first class…

2. Need a quick bite to eat? Skip the fast food and hit the grocery store

These days most grocery stores (yes, even in Minnesota) have healthy salad bars, a deli, pre-made salads/ sandwiches or SOMETHING a hell of a lot healthier than a Big Mac. On this trip I ate at Whole Foods every single day for lunch. I’d go in, make myself a salad, sit down and eat and be out of there in less than 30 mins. Who says you don’t have healthy food fast?

3. No gym, no local studios, no problem…

When traveling you may end up somewhere where going to a local studio/gym may not be an option and if you’re in an AirBnB you sure don’t have a hotel gym. When that’s the case put on your tennis shoes and head outside for a walk or run. I discovered the coolest trail around Lake Harriet and enjoyed every second of my run.


Since I haven’t ran in awhile I kept my run to 3 miles even though I felt like I could run forever with this scenery!

4. Identify healthy restaurants near your hotel/AirBnB before your trip

The second I knew I was going to Minnesota I reached out to some friends who had been there for some healthy restaurant recommendations. Then, once I knew where I’d be staying you bet I hopped on Yelp and found out what was near me. This way I didn’t end up eating at some crappy place out of desperation. There wound up being this amazing farm to table restaurant called Tao Natural Foods right by my AirBnB and also completely fell in love with Agra Culture Kitchen.

This Arga Bowl from Agra Culture was one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life. I highly recommend eating here if you’re ever in Minneapolis!

I got so lucky to be staying only a few blocks away from Tao Natural Foods…BEST FOOD EVER! No joke, I ate here 4 times and tried almost every bowl on their menu- this one is the Tao Bowl.

5. Stock your hotel/AirBnB with healthy breakfast options/ snacks

I hate not having food/ snacks around me while traveling. #1. Because I’m too cheap to eat out every meal of the day and #2. Restaurant food (yes, even healthy restaurant food) contains a lot more salt and fat than you need to be eating. For this trip I lived off individual plain oatmeal packets, raw almond butter and a banana for breakfast. Other awesome options that don’t require cooking are greek yogurts, granola, Perfect Bars, frozen breakfast burritos (love Amy’s brand). For snacks I love having jerky, Perfect Bars, individual packs of nuts.

Your Turn,

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling?

Do you have any healthy restaurant recommendations in the Minneapolis area? I have to come back in 2 weeks for work.

Have you ever tried Orangetheory Fitness? I’m SO SORE!

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